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5 Affordable All-in-one Best Printers For Your Personal Use

When choosing a printer, you need to answer the question, what type of printing requirements you have? As we know different devices are needed for different purposes, for example, the requirement for an office printer will vary as from home printer. In offices, mostly we use Hp printer cartridges for black and white and color documents whereas in the home we probably choose to print more photos for albums.

So, if you are going to buy printer cartridges for personal use, here we have a list of 5 affordable all in one printer:

1. Canon Pixma iP7250

Canon has many inkjet printers that work well when printing photos. One from such models is the Canon Pixma iP7250. This has a speed of color printing is 10 pages per minute, and when you switch to monochrome, you can achieve speeds of 15 pages per minute.

The Canon Pixma iP7250 printer is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to wirelessly send print files to the printer. Of course, you can also connect to the printer using a USB 2.0 cable. The big advantage of the device is its low price of less than $ 80.47, but of course, you can not expect the quality of it, in the case of high-end products.

2. Canon Pixma MG7550

Canon offers a multifunctional device that combines the function of a scanner, copier and inkjet printer. The Canon Pixma MG7550 has a Wi-Fi and NFC module that makes it easy to print directly from mobile devices.

The Canon Pixma MG7550 has the same printing speed as the Canon Pixma iP7250 i.e. 10 pages per minute for color printing and 15 pages per minute for monochrome printing. The device can be purchased for a little less than $160.94. But remember, never compromise your printer for Cheap Printer Ink.

3. HP DeskJet 2545

Hewlett-Packard company offers a good and inexpensive photo printer. The manufacturer's offer includes a 3-in-1 multifunctional device called HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2545, which can be used not only as an inkjet printer for photos but also as a copier and scanner.

The HP DeskJet 2545 connects to a computer using a USB 2.0 cable. Wireless printing is also possible thanks to the Wi-Fi module. The speed of the printer is not impressive as it is only 7 pages per minute for monochrome printing and 4 pages per minute for color printing. It is very economical to acquire, as you have to pay less than $64.38.

4. Epson L850

Printers with a higher quality shelf can be found, in the Epson brand offer. The Epson L850 is a 3-in-1 multifunction device that works as a printer, scanner, and copier. This is equipped with a permanent ink supply system. The Espon device does not offer high printing speed.

The speed is 4 pages per minute in color and 5 pages per minute in monochrome. On the plus side, you can count the quality of printouts and the ability to print directly from a memory card. Epson L850 is very expensive equipment, unfortunately, to buy this device you have to spend about $456.01.

5. Canon Selphy CP910

Canon's portfolio also includes compact dye-sublimation photo printers. The model Selphy CP910 is a good example. The device uses a special type of paper and has an LCD display, a USB 2.0 port, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Canon Selphy CP910 costs you about $107.30.

Concluding Remarks

The choice of a particular printer model for photos depends largely on the user's needs. For home use, the cheapest printer with low printing speed will work well. People who will print a lot of photos should opt for a model with a higher rate of printing calculated in pages per minute. When choosing a specific printer model, you should also analyze the ink consumption, the prices of Printer Cartridges and the satisfactory quality of replacements.

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