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Easy Steps to Set Up a Wireless Printer Connection

Wi-Fi is modern and very convenient technology, thanks to which various technical devices can be interconnected. For example, when you have your own home network of several computers and devices, you can complete your job within few minutes. These make your life easier. But connecting these devices with wifi is still a great matter of concern. So, out of all today we will figure out how to connect a printer via wifi. Let's start:

How to connect a regular printer to a laptop via wifi?

Unfortunately, low-cost printer or Cheap Printer Cartridges rarely supply devices that integrated wifi transmitter. Therefore, to connect ordinary printers the following method of wifi connection to a computer are used:

1. Installing Additional Network Equipment

This is the first step to make your printer a wireless LAN node. Here, additional network equipment has installed that support the printer.

2. Cable Connection of The Printer To A Computer That Accesses To A Local Wi-fi Network

In this step, any wifi device can communicate with the printer through an “intermediary device”. Steps to connect printer connection via wifi:

- Connect the printer to the computer with a cable and install the necessary software (driver);
- Go to “Start” -> “Control Panel” -> “Printers and Faxes” and open this printer for general access;
- Connect the printer to the laptop via wifi. To do this, go to the "servicing" printer on the local network, find the printer shared label, right-click it once and select "Use Default" settings.
Now, using the “Print” command, your laptop will automatically print on a connected wi-fi printer.

3.Use a wifi router with a built-in Print Server function and a USB connector for external network devices. To configure such a connection you should:
- connect the printer to the router with a cable;
- correctly configure the printer to connect to the router ;
- connect to the printer from the laptop via a local wifi network.

However, such difficulties arise in case of a good old printer for setting up wi-fi. In other cases, it is more logical to immediately purchase a modern wifi printer with an integrated network module. For the new printer, you don’t have to bother about additional equipment.

Among well-known brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Konica, Panasonic, Samsung, Xerox, Brother and Minolta, you can easily connect such a printer to a laptop, router, tablet, etc.
At the same time, you can create a wireless connection with a laptop in different ways too. You can consider the main options for connecting a wifi printer in more details.

How to connect wifi printer to computer and laptop?

From the "classic" ways to connect wifi printer is a simple and easy technique.

1. Use the internal LAN between the printer and laptop.

LAN is possible when the computer connected to the wireless network is able to distribute wifi on its own.
Here, are the steps to connect wifi printer connection:

- set up the Wi-Fi configuration from the laptop;
- through the built-in printer interface to connect to the local network of your laptop

2. Connecting the printer via a wifi router:

- in case of automatic mode (using WPS technology).
To do this, first, enable the WPS function on your router, and then use the WPS (QSS) button to connect your printer to your wifi network.
To print via Wi-Fi, it is enough to connect from your laptop to the installed printer via the local network

- in manual mode: use the “Setup Wizard” of your printer.

To do this, first, start the "Search for available networks" on the printer's control panel and select the network of your router by SSID. Here, you will need to specify a password for wi-fi and confirm the connection to the network, after which the corresponding wifi indicator should light up on the printer.
Run the driver installation and select the wifi connection with manual settings, after which the printer will be available for wireless LAN connection.

Final Words

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you in setting up a wireless printer connection. Whether you buy a costly or a Cheap Printer Cartridges adequate setting is necessary to get fruitful results.

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